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Pickem - Weeks 13 - 16

The writers strike has officially ended and so we are finally back at it for the 2016 installment of the NML Pickems! This season, Clyde Pickem will take on two new former celebrity contenders to his Pickem Crown. New analysts Suge Day and John Anthony(J.A). You may know Suge Day as a former Rap Music Mogul who now turns his attention to picking winners in the NML and J.A. as a former standout college QB turned football handicapper. They will go head to head, week to week to determine who really knows NML football the best.  


Let's meet our experts:


Clyde Pickem

Suge Day

John Anthony


They’ll pick a winner from every game each week and we’ll keep track to see who wins the coveted Pigskin Pickem Title and a handsome reward! Clyde took the title last year and is hoping to defend it just like he’d defend the good ole’ US of A!


Week 13 came to an end and J.A. once again continues his roll notching 12, followed by Suge 11 and the Clyde 10.  Having been in the lead all season our good buddy Darryl has gone missing.  Rumors are circling around the internet of his potential whereabouts.  If you follow his twitter account you have seen some of the pictures.  His binge looked to have started south of the border so one has to wonder if he made it back into the countries.  There was the text with unicorns, one has to wonder what he was doing with thousands of unicorns.  Did he get caught sneaking them back into the country?  His next picture he looked to be in Vegas, so one has to wonder if he was reenacting his favorite movie. From that point it's a little blurry.  I received a random text from an international number so I assume that was him submitting his picks.  Will his binge stop him from repeating as champ?  Can J.A. provide a Chiefs like comeback from the jaws of defeat?  Or will Suge claim his first championship.  


NOTE: Due to our concerns about Clyde’s whereabouts, we’ve failed to post the last few Weeks picks. We have gotten word that he may return for Week 17 so we are releasing Week 13 through 16 all at once. Enjoy!









Week 13










Week 14

Byes: None


Raiders @ Chiefs

Clyde - Chiefs win

J.A. - All year, I have been picking against the Chiefs. But to be honest, all year I have been betting against the Raiders as well. I don’t like either team in this matchup but I cannot bet against the reigning power bowl champs. Chiefs 13-7

Suge - Doesn't get any bigger than this game. Loser is out of the playoffs. Chiefs play best when backs are against the wall. The Raiders would like nothing best than ending the Chiefs season. Unfortunately it will be the Chiefs ending the Raiders season. Chiefs 35-17.


Steelers @ Bills

Clyde - Steelers win

J.A. -Lets see if the Steelers offense can take off against a tough Bills team. This almost seems like a playoff game, but if you look at the rosters the Bills have no business being in this game. I like the Steelers in this one as a close matchup. Steelers 24-17

Suge - The Bills have a tough end of season schedule but control their own destiny for the last playoff spot. Can the Bills hold off the Chiefs. Steelers want to win their division. Steelers are too good to lose this one. Steelers 34-24.


Broncos @ Titans

Clyde - Broncos win

J.A. - This game is over before it even begins. The Titans are like watching an episode of Days of our lives, constant melodramatic performances. Broncos 45-0

Suge - Broncos have won every game since the week 3 loss to Bengals. Could this be a trap game? No. The Broncos are on a roll and I don't see it stopping. Broncos win 48-0.


Redskins @ Eagles

Clyde - Skins win

J.A. -Both teams have underperformed this season and are now just playing for draft position. I like the Eagles in this matchup as they seem to be getting into a groove with Bortles manning the QB helm. Eagles 17-14

Suge - The Eagles for the past two seasons looked like the team to overcome the Cowboys, this season not so much. The Skins have struggled as well but still have Gates. Redskins win 17-9


Cardinals @ Dolphins

Clyde - Dolphins win

J.A. -Tough matchup here as the phins are the team that you hate watching because they play like Larry Csonka is still toting the rock. Cardinals are playoff hungry but will not have the patience to execute a solid gameplan against the Phins. Dolphins 35-31

Suge - The Cardinals are still hoping for a wildcard spot as the division lookalike its the Hawks to lose. We have been steering the Phins bandwagon since the middle of the season. The Phins look to lock up the number 1 seed. Phins win 35-14.


Vikings @ Jaguars

Clyde - Vikings win

J.A. - Jags beat the teams they are supposed to beat and normally get blown out by their superiors. I don’t expect anything different in this matchup as the Vikes roll. Vikings 30-0

Suge - The Jags have been in a battle for the final playoff spot but ran into a killer part of their schedule. This week gets tougher. Vikings are on cruise control having locked up a playoff spot, division, and home field. Vikings win 42-17.


Texans @ Colts

Clyde -  Colts win

J.A. -Word on the street is that Texans was publicly calling out the Colts. I feel that they Colts take that as a sign of disrespect and will show the Texans no mercy. Colts 35-7

Suge - The Texans may not make the playoffs but you know they want to beat the Colts. The Colts look to regain the number 1 seed and have no margin for error. Colts win 48-17.


Chargers @ Panthers

Clyde - Panthers win

J.A. - Look for Ellis to try out a few different scheme options in this matchup to prime himself for the playoff opposition. Chargers have no chance. Panthers 42-14

Suge - Chargers travel to the other side of the States to take a beating and travel home. Sounds fun right. Panthers look to lock up the number 2 spot and what seems destined for a matchup versus the Vikings. Panthers 49-17.


Bengals @ Browns

Clyde - Browns win

J.A. - Bengals have been playing well as of late but they are running into a Mack truck that has hardly been stopped this season. I like the Browns to come out firing with 4 wide sets to confuse the Bengals and win this easily. Browns 35-10

Suge - Bengals stand no chance. I get they beat the Broncos but that was early. Browns are ready to return to the playoffs and all but have a spot locked up. Browns win big 49-7.


Bears @ Lions

Clyde - Lions win

J.A. - Lions play down to the level of competition and lose a heartbreaker at Ford Field. Afterwards there will be an OBJ watch to see which man consoles him this week since Drake has been taken by JLO. Bears 21-14

Suge - Does the mythical unicorn return this week? Nope. The Lions are trying to return to playoffs after a long break giving other teams a chance.  Lions win 27-13.


Jets @ 49ers

Clyde - 49ers win

J.A. - Toilet Bowl matchup here, I like the Jets to slip by and steal a victory against the 9ers. Jets 14-7

Suge - The Jets have too much to lose. No way they slip up vs the niners. Niners win 9-6.


Saints @ Buccaneers

Clyde - Bucs win

J.A. -  At the beginning of the season it seemed as if the Bucs were trying to get that #1 pick. Now since the CFB season is over and we now know who is coming out the Bucs started winning? I smell Tanking but I will still give them the Victory. Bucs 24-7

Suge - The Saints have won some big games but the Bucs look like the team we expected just playing with teams. It's like they try to lose but their opponent forces them to win. I see no difference this week. Bucs 17-14.


Falcons @ Rams

Clyde - Rams win

J.A. - Rams look like they got their mojo back after defeating the Pats handily. I like the Rams to destroy the Falcons. Rams 35-0

Suge - This is a toss up. Early in season I would say hands down the Rams. Rams look like a shell of their former self. The Falcons have won a few but I'm taking the home team. Rams 17-9.


Seahawks @ Packers

Clyde - Hawks win

J.A. -Seahawks are trying to pad their lead in the NFC west with another win over the underperforming PackAttack. Hawks will grind them with a solid running game that will not be stopped. Hawks 28-13

Suge - The Hawks came out of nowhere this season. The packers have been up and down. One week I think easy win they lose. Another week I think no way they win and they lose. Hawks win this one 38-35.


Cowboys @ Giants

Clyde - Cowboys win

J.A. - Cowboys like to lose these games as they go on benders for the week leading up to cupcake competition. This case they will not lose even if they show up drunk. Cowboys 28-0

Suge - Teams in two different directions. This will not be close. Boys win 37-7.


Ravens @ Patriots

Clyde - Ravens win

J.A. -These Pats are just horrible. The Ravens may put up 50 against this weak pass d. I like the Ravens to score early and often. Ravens 48-7

Suge - I normally don't pick the Ravens but feel I must this week.  Ravens put up stats but not the W. This week they get the W. 37-34.


Entering Week 15 and Clyde made up a game.  Where did this come from?  A man is missing and makes up a game  J.A. is starting to dominate, did he find his groove to late.  Suge is still in the lead by three after his last place showing.  


I am sure you all want to know, no one has heard from Clyde outside of the encrypted text messages that he sends to his homie Suge.  The two have become great friends over the past few weeks and Suge seems very upset over his BFF disappearance.  We did check his twitter account where we saw an update of prison bars, not sure what that is all about.  I also saw some picture of Kenny G., could Clyde have gone on a rager after the Kenny G. show?  Who knows what next week will bring.






Week 14









Week 15

Byes: None


Rams @ Seahawks

Clyde -  Hawks

J.A. -  Rams mojo runs out against a solid Hawks team. Both teams are heavy runners but it seems that the Hawks have a better grip on the ground game. Hawks 24-17

Suge - Where did the Seahawks come from?  First thought the Rams and Cards were the team to beat. Seahawks will need to beat an elite team in the playoffs which could mean one and done but that doesn't take away their good season. Hawks win again 17-15.


Dolphins @ Jets

Clyde - Dolphins win

J.A. - This one will be over before you can say over. Not really so sure why the Jets won last week, altering their draft selection is a terrible idea for a team in the cellar.  Dolphins 35-14

Suge - The Dolphins will be the third different team to win the East the past three years. Why don't we make it four with the Jets winning next year. Jets have too much to lose to win so this is Phins 42-7.


Packers @ Bears

Clyde - Pack

J.A. - Bears pulled off an upset against the Lions last week. Can they make it two in a row and ruin Titans GM chance of flipping the Bears #1 overall selection? I like the Bears. 24-13

Suge - Pack look like a team ready to take the next step. Problem is they can't seem to win the easy one after winning the tough one. Pack to good to lose to the Bears. Pack win 17-16.


Browns @ Bills

Clyde - Browns win

J.A. - Tough call here. Bills started strong even though their offense was decimated by injuries. Browns are a tough team who only seem to lose to top NML competition. This could go either way but I like the Browns in this one. Browns 28-24

Suge - The Bills free fall continues this week as the Browns come to town. The Bills once secure lock for the playoffs continue to give the pack of pretenders (Jags, Raiders, Chiefs) one last shot at the playoffs. You heard it hear first as we expect the Bills to create NML history and lose their way out of the playoffs. Oh ya the Browns have the best D in NML. Browns 49-14.


Eagles @ Ravens

Clyde - Ravens win

J.A. - Ravens got their offense rolling last week against the Pats (But lets be honest, which team doesn’t.) Eagles are playing for draft order while for some reason the Ravens are trying to win game even though they have no shot at the playoffs. Ravens for pure determination. Ravens 35-14

Suge - We have taken our shots at the Ravens this year and are proud they have been winning games at this stage of the season. This week we got the Ravens winning since they can score and the Eagles don't want to win. Ravens 27-18.


Titans @ Chiefs

Clyde - Chiefs win

J.A. - Chiefs Nuff said 31-7

Suge - The Titans put up a fight vs the Broncos and expect the same prior to the game starting vs the Chiefs. The Chiefs thanks to the Bills have a legit shot at the playoffs. That motivation mixed w Titans number 1 pick means Chiefs win 35-7.


Steelers @ Bengals

Clyde - Steelers win

J.A. - Steelers took out the Bills last week and the Bengals got smoked by the Browns. I don’t expect anything different this week as the Steelers offense is running on all cylinders now. Steelers 35-17

Suge - The Steelers are in must win mode and see no chance of the Bengals winning. Can we just get to the Browns game already. Steelers win 34-17.


Lions @ Giants

Clyde - Lions win

J.A. - Lions got embarrassed last week by the Bears but there is no way that they lose this week.  Lions get back on track with a drubbing of the Gmen. Lions 34-10

Suge - The game we have all been waiting for or maybe just the Edele household. This is more than just a football game but years in the making. One has to wonder who has the lifetime edge? I expect the G men to give it everything they got but in the end Lions are talented and talent tends to win. Lions 34-7 ouch.


Colts @ Vikings

Clyde - Vikings win

J.A. - Tough call here, Vikings are the last of the unbeatens and the Colts want to spoil their perfect season. It could go either way but I am taking the team with the perfect record. Vikings 28-21

Suge - Potential PowerBowl matchup. Something tells me the Colts want to be the team to end the undefeated season.  Vikings have to weigh keeping players healthy vs winning out.  Colts have potential of dropping to a 4 seed with a loss. I've got the Vikings winning 27-24.


Jaguars @ Texans

Clyde - Jags win

J.A. - Jags are out for revenge for the sucka punch that the Texans threw at them a few weeks back. I like the Jags to win this one easily 28-17

Suge - Both teams have potential for the future. Jags hit a rough part of schedule which hurt playoff chances. Mathematically still a chance, although very small, of making the playoffs. I've got Jags 24-21.


Saints @ Cardinals

Clyde - Cards win

J.A. - Cardinals lost a tough one last week to the Phins who are a quiet 12-1. Saints lost a matchup that they were hand given against the Bucs last week. I like the Cards in this matchup. Cards 28-21

Suge - Saints have put together a good season with some quality wins. That unfortunately was not good enough to make playoffs but a step in right direction. Another year of picks/trades and they could start battling for the last playoff spot as we assume the Bucs return to their normal spot. Cards had high expectations this season and have not met them. I got Saints 18-15.


49ers @ Falcons

Clyde - Falcons win

J.A. - 9ers lost to arguably one of the worst teams in the NML last week. Falcons didn’t fare much better by taking a huge L as well. This could go either way. 49ers 14-10

Suge - Who wants to actually win? Does losing to get a higher pick make you better? Both teams seem to be on the 3-4 year track. Since Falcons are at home they win by default. 9-7.


Raiders @ Chargers

Clyde - Raiders win

J.A. - Look for the Raiders to be playing bounty ball now that they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  Chargers will be feeling the wrath this week and will get crushed. Raiders 42-7

Suge - Playing in the West finally caught up to the Raiders as they could probably win some other divisions. Going 2-4 or 3-3 within the division makes it tough to make the playoffs. The Raiders are too good to lose this game and too competitive to let someone win. Raiders win 49-13.


Patriots @ Broncos

Clyde -  Broncos win

J.A. - Look for the upset here as the Broncos are looking past the Pats after steamrolling the last 10 teams they have played. Pats shutdown Tom Terrific and win a close one. Pats 24-21

Suge - The Patriot coaching staff has been passionately preaching to play this game like it's a PowerBowl. I expect the patriots will come out firing during pregame warmups. Once the game actually starts I expect the Broncos D to step up and dominate. I do not see the Pats slowing down the Broncos offense. It will be a long afternoon. I expect the Broncos to win the game and clinch the West 48-10.


Buccaneers @ Cowboys

Clyde - Cowboys win

J.A. - This would have been game of the week last year. Cowboys should win easily and cruise the rest of the way until the playoffs but you just never know what Bucs team shows up. I like the Cowboys 35-28

Suge - The Buccaneers are clearly a better player than 95 percent of the opponents they play. Some weeks they will show up just to make everyone remember. I expect this would be a week that they remind everyone who they can expect to see in next years game. The Boys are the better team and should make it to face either the Panthers or Vikings but our gut says the Bucs 38-37.


Panthers @ Redskins

Clyde - Panthers win

J.A. - Panthers steamroll the skins with Drags, Slants and Curls. Panthers 35-14

Suge - Panthers might be able to do the impossible and hold Gates catchless. I expect the Panthers to key on Gates and shut him down. The D will have 4 ints and the offense will steam roll. Panthers 52-7.


Going into week 16 it looks like we have a tie.  Are my eye’s really seeing this? Clyde has yet to return and he has pulled even.  Suge seems to really be rattled by the disappearance.  Apparently J.A. could not pull it together this week as they hope their mentor returns soon.  


What is starting to become a trend is really starting to worry us all.  Will Clyde return?  Can he continue his hot streak?  Could it be his hot streak is the reason he is not with us, after all you never leave a table on a hot streak.  Clyde’s twitter account showed some blurry night picture, with shiny lights and high heels, not sure where that could be.  What will next week bring us? Will Clyde return to claim his championship?















Week 16

Byes: None


Giants @ Eagles

Clyde - Eagles win

J.A. -  I do not see the Giants even playing in this game. The Giants are in the hunt for the 2nd overall pick and I do not think they risk that by playing a tough matchup. Eagles 35-10

Suge - You really see what an owner is made of in meaningless weeks. The Eagles seem more motivated and have been the better franchise the past few years. Eagles 31-10.


Falcons @ Panthers

Clyde - Panthers win

J.A. -  Panthers came through last week and smashed the Redskins. Falcons season is over and may be trying to play spoiler for the Panthers hope to obtain a 1st round bye. I predict the Panthers to come out firing with 3 yd outs to win this by a large margin. Panthers 28-7

Suge - The Falcons have never beat the Panthers franchise ever. That being said I'm taking the Falcons. No not really. I do not bet against history like that. Panthers 42-10.


Dolphins @ Bills

Clyde - Dolphins win

J.A. - Good game here, the Dolphins have already wrapped up the AFC least and are now vying for that #1 seed. Bills are out of the hunt for the playoffs but will not play spoiler this week. Dolphins 24-14

Suge - The Dolphins must keep winning to avoid falling to the 3 seed as the Colts, Steelers and Browns are on their heels. The Bills are desperate for a victory to avoid missing the playoffs. Their 3 game lead is at 0. I say the free fall continues and Dolphins win. Dolphins 22-18.


Vikings @ Packers

Clyde - Vikings win

J.A. - Vikings took a loss last week and I expect them to thrash their next opponent. The Packers are out of contention and their is no way they play spoiler here. Vikings 42-14

Suge - Vikings will now play the backups and will just make sure the team is ready for the divisional round. Pack need this win. Pack win 24-21.


Jets @ Patriots

Clyde - Patriots win

J.A. -  Toilet Bowel alert, these teams are vying for that elusive #2 pick. Last times these teams met, the Pats came out on top. I can see the Jets trying to get some revenge and take the patriots out. Jets 24-12

Suge - Wow. I'm buying my ticket for round two of this one. This should be an action packed field goal fest. Clearly neither wants to win this season. I'm picking a tie. 12-12.


Chargers @ Browns

Clyde - Browns win

J.A. - Chargers took out the Raiders last week but unfortunately for them, their luck is about to run out. The Browns are a buzzsaw team and will demolish the Chargers. Brownies 45-0

Suge - The Chargers beat the Raiders. Did the Raiders JV squad take the field? Congrats to the Chargers who could end up same divisional record as last year's playoff team. This week they play the Browns. The Browns are the kid that sits at the corner of the block and bullies helpless children for their lunch money. The Chargers have 0 chance. Browns win 49-3.


Titans @ Jaguars

Clyde - Jags win

J.A. -  Titans aren’t even playing anymore, they have their eyes on draft stock already. Jaguars 7-0

Suge - I ask my good buddy JA did the Titans start playing. I kid I kid. The Jags have a chance at playoffs while the Titans are looking at the number 1 pick. Jags win 24-3.


Redskins @ Bears

Clyde - Bears win

J.A. -  What gives in this matchup is that neither team is in the playoffs and are middle of the pack teams. If I were either owner, I would force the coach to lose out the next two games for draft position. Maybe they tie, doubt it though. Redskins 21-12

Suge - Skins might need to enjoy their final seasons with Gates. I'm sure when the day he is no longer in NML a tear will be shed. The Bears have improved which is a start. Bears win 15-14.


Colts @ Raiders

Clyde - Colts win

J.A. - Colts took on the role as David in his defeating of the Goliath Vikings last week. This week I see no different as the Raiders have already given up :’( due to not making the playoffs. Colts 35-10

Suge - Colts are an elite team. Raiders looked to have called it a season. I expect big time beating. 56-7.


Cardinals @ Seahawks

Clyde - Hawks win

J.A. -  Big matchup here, this is for playoff seeding and I smell an upset. Cardinals are hungry to take out the team who took their spot on the top of the NFC west standings. Cardinals 28-21

Suge - A good matchup this week. In the past I'd say Cards hand down. This has been Seahawk season. Hawks win 24-21.


49ers @ Rams

Clyde - Rams win

J.A. - Both teams are out of the mix and have nothing to play for. I just cannot see how the 49ers could win this game with no starting QB. Rams 35-7

Suge - Rams need wins and help from other teams to make playoffs. Probably not happening but the motivation should get the win. Rams 21-17.


Buccaneers @ Saints

Clyde - Saints win

J.A. -  Bucs have come on as of late but I see them renting a labor lot kid who thinks madden football is a soccer video game in order to secure a better draft slot. Saints seem to be lying down as well but I think the Bucs out lay down the Saints. Saints 13-10

Suge - The Bucs reminded us over the past two weeks that they should try next season. Until then take your shots while you get them. Saints continue their upward trend. Saints win 17-16.


Bengals @ Texans

Clyde - Texans win

J.A. - Texans are purposely trying to ruin their draft stock on whoever they traded their first round pick to multiple times. Texans 28-23

Suge - Great insight you only get here from my boy JA. Texans motivation gets them the win and sad owners cry around the campfire, holding hands, singing a playlist created by Mr. long. Texans 35-17.  


Ravens @ Steelers

Clyde - Steelers win

J.A. -  Last time these two teams met the Ravens almost pulled an upset. Not happening this time. Steelers 35-10

Suge -  The Ravens can put points on the board. They can't beat the Steelers though. Steelers have too much to lose in regards to home field and playoff seeding. Steelers win big 42-17.


Broncos @ Chiefs

Clyde - Chiefs win

J.A. -  Good matchup here as the Broncos have won 11 straight but lost an integral part of their offense last week when Brady was sacked and pulled a groin and is out for 5 weeks. Analysts are wondering why was Brady in after the first 5 minutes against the Pats. I think the Chiefs neutralize the ground game and stop the win streak. 24-14

Suge - The sound you hear is the Bronco faithful crying in unison. To lose arguable the best qb weeks before the playoffs is a crushing blow. Sad thing about that injury is it was a few seconds after the tackle of the Gronk before an injury was noticed. Gronk thought he hurt the other team. The Broncos do not need to win as they are stuck in the 4 spot but need to get use to new qb. They do have the 2nd best offense in the NML so Ponder just has to manage the game. Chiefs are great against the run vs Denver. Chiefs also need this win to pull off another miracle comeback from the same fiery pit some mysterious powerful ring was once thrown. All signs point to a Chiefs win. Broncos have lost so many big names this season. Broncos also realize they have lost the last 3 season to the Chiefs in the playoffs so hurting their chances would be best. Broncos 24-21.


Lions @ Cowboys

Clyde - Lions win

J.A. -  Big matchup here as Playoff implications are on the line. Lions are looking for that mythical W against a focused Cowboys team. I think the Cowboys outgun the kitty cats. Cowboys 35-27

Suge - Lions need to keep winning for the playoffs. Cowboys look to be stuck in the 4 spot like the Broncos. Lions have motivation while the Cowboys will look to keep players healthy. Cowboys win still 24-18.