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Commentary by: Anonymous
UFC NORTH - Training Camp Roundup

Training Camp Preview - UFC North


We can make fun of the Steelers all we want for losing another Power Bowl but then again how many other teams have actually made the big game.  The Steelers are arguably the most successful team in the UFC despite losing the big game. This division is a two team race each year between the Browns and Steelers. Get your Popcorn ready as the two weeks they play usually decides the division.


Browns (14-2)



1 in scoring at 37. 1 in yards at 415. 1 in passing at 362. 25 in rushing at 52.

Dalton leads the charge with a young receiving and running back core. The Browns look to be rebuilding on offense so expect a small drop off in their offense stats. So instead of 1 in every category they may be 5-7. I don’t see the offense changing one bit.



2nd in points at 12. 8th in yards at 267. 18 in passing at 234. 1 in rushing at 33.

This defense has talent all over it and are built for speed. Wilkerson and Watt anchor a talented line. The linebacking core has talent as well Wagner, Shazier and Bucannon. Smith and Jefferson lead a talented secondary that if we are being picky may only have a hole at CB. I see this D continuing its trend of being a top 5 defense.


Steelers (13-3)



6th in points at 32. 13th in yards at 328. 14th in passing at 244. 9th in rushing at 84.

Stafford is the leader in the clubhouse and has a different cast of talent around him. Miller and Blount will handle the busy rushing duties. Evans is now joined by Hill as a speed threat. Greg Olsen will return for his 100th season. This offense hope to get on track early but have proved they can win from a wildcard spot.



4th in points at 14. 4th in yards at 255. 5th in passing at 198. 7th in rushing at 57.

The defense has talent and we would expect a repeat performance like when they shut down the Broncos in the playoffs.  Can the defense return this team to the big game? It will need to with the likes of the Colts, Broncos, Chiefs and Browns gunning for their spot. Look for the young secondary to take a step forward this year.


Bengals (8-8)



15th in points at 23. 20th in yards at 287. 20th in passing at 218. 18th in rushing at 69.

Garoppolo leads the offense handing the ball off the rookie Hunt. Who he throws the ball to will be the question. Adams looks to be the man with Cole Beasley. This team had an impressive win vs the Broncos but will need a better offensive performance week in and week out if they stand a chance to be the third team from this division to make the playoffs.



23rd in points at 27. 24th in yards at 342. 26th in passing at 278. 10th in rushing at 64.

Bosa and Thomas are two good building but the rest of the defense are a few years away or on other teams at this moment. They had a good rush D last year but that could be because people threw the ball with ease. With Bosa and Thomas in the fold the D at least has a bright future.


Ravens (5-11)



16th in points at 23. 5th in yards at 369. 3rd in passing at 319. 27th in rushing at 50.

Rebuild is a great word to explain a team that has moved on from talent like Luck, Rodgers, Julio, AJ Green and Fitz in years past. They are now led by a rookie Mahomes and in the short term Brock. Cook looks to be a good young rb. Mike Williams and Allen Hurns hope to pull in passes in this pass first offense.



30th in points at 34. 28th in yards at 372. 28th in passing at 286. 24th in rushing at 86.

One would think this defense couldn’t get any worse finishing 30-28-28-24. Looking at the defense all you see is rookies which can be a great thing in the future but reads rebuild to the fans. It may be a long season in Baltimore. At least they can play offense.



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