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Commentary by: Front Office
Chiefs move to 1-0

October 4th, 2017

The day after the Chiefs emerged victorious over the Patriots in overtime, we’re left with several questions about the viability of this aging team. Coming off four consecutive UFC Championship Game appearances, the 1-0 Chiefs may be showing their age.

The Patriots raced out to a 13-0 lead over the Chiefs as Drew Brees threw an interception followed by a fumble recovery. In a game that features more than 5 fumbles, both teams appeared rusty to begin the season. Down 13-0, the Chiefs returned to their strength as they began running the ball and owning possession. The Chiefs were able to head into halftime down 13-10. After a rousing halftime speech, the Chiefs scored on their first possession of the second half to take a 17-13 lead. At this point the team appeared to take their foot off the pedal. Carson Wentz of the Patriots went on to lead back to back scoring drives along with a miraculous two point conversion to take a 28-17 lead into the fourth quarter. The Chiefs had their backs against the wall, and then tragedy struck. On a 3rd and Long Drew Brees was sacked and knocked out of the game with a lower back injury. On came newly signed backup Kevin Hogan, who had barely learned the offense to hopefully resurrect the team’s chances at a victory. Hogan went on to lead a scoring drive and started out 8 for 8 leading the Chiefs to a 28-25 score and hoping the defense could make a stop. Sure enough, the defense held and they were able to get the ball back with 2:39 left in the game to make a final drive. Hogan once again drove the team down the field and Cairo Santos was able to hit a 41 yard field goal with 20 seconds left to tie the game and send it to overtime.

In overtime, as it always seems, it came down to the coin toss. The Chiefs selected “Tails” and won the toss. Hogan again drove down the field to a 3rd and 6 from the Patriot 36. Hogan dropped back and was able to scramble for a 20 yard gain up the middle. On the subsequent play, Jamaal Charles did what he does best, reliving his past Power Bowl success as he took a handoff 16 yards to paydirt as the Chiefs escaped Foxboro with a victory, 34-28.

“It wasn’t pretty, but we got what we came here for.” Coach Andy Reid was quoted after the game. The Chiefs have a short turnaround as the Eagles travel to Arrowhead for week 2.