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Commentary by: Front Office
Eagles Off-season Grade

Dick Gozinya reporting from Philadelphia. The beginning of year 3 for Nick Saban's Eagles has seen a flurry of changes at multiple positions. In an effort to fill the roster gaps, GM and Owner, Matt Thomason has taken a more aggressive approach to improving the team. The Eagles moved not only players but many draft picks to get what they needed, the ultimate goal being youth and skill. Many positions had a change of focus and gained some upgrades. From moving the league's number 1 RB in LeVeon Bell to gaining a top CB in Casey Hayward, the Eagles made many attempts to improve positions where they could. 

Top move of the Off-season
Even though it was a draft day trade, the pick acquired by the Eagles is for the 2018 draft. The player directly acquired by the Eagles could prove to be a huge difference maker on the D-line for the 2017-18 campaign. The DE Chris Jones is the epitome of youth and skill. He is a versatile player who can also move inside to DT. 
Top move in the Draft
The jury is out on O.J. Howard at this point so the move up to get him cannot yet be fully appreciated but moving for a talent like that will always be a popular choice. We believe he is a winner.
Dark Horse move
Good CB's are hard to come by and Sam Shields is no exception. The trade made using him to take RB Samaje Perine in the draft was a risky one but may prove to be a very good one. Perine has already had an impressive showing of talent in OTAs but we will see if that transfers to the season.
Worst move of Off-season  
Good, young, and fast LB's are tough to come by in the but that is what the Eagles traded away in Avery Williamson. Yes, they gained Kyle Fuller, who would be part of a much bigger deal, but was it worth it when your team is attempting to get younger? The Eagles acquired Mason Foster, who is very talented, but is 28. Newly drafted LB Ryan Anderson may have to start as a rookie now before he is ready due to this trade. 
Worst move in the Draft
Drafting for depth is always a good thing but at what cost should you seek it? LB depth wasn't something the Eagles lacked until they would later trade Avery Williamson. The moving up to draft Alabama LB Ryan Anderson may turn out well for the Eagles but did it give them a short term sense of depth that made them believe they could trade Williamson? A young talented player indeed, Williamson was a sure starter again this year and could be sorely missed.
Overall Off-season Grade-B+/A-
GM Matt Thomason did stretch some positions pretty thin in attempts to make better or bring depth to other areas. He did a solid job through an effective draft and trades to acquire what this team needs to return to the playoffs and become a Powerbowl contender in the future.