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Commentary by: Front Office
Playoffs - Divisional Round

Playoffs Divisional Round


After an exciting week of games we have separated some of the pretenders from contenders. The Chiefs traveled to Cleveland and showed why they are the defending champ. The Pack went to Dallas and got destroyed. Seattle lost the west grudge match vs the Cards. The Steelers marched into Denver and came out with the W. This week the top 2 seeds join the party.


Chiefs @ Dolphins

Suge: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. This Chiefs teams is unreal. Every time they have been on life support they get saved. This time they earned a W vs the best passing offense and best defense. The Chiefs travel to Miami who is an unknown in the playoffs. You can't discredit a 1 loss season beating both the Steelers and the Browns. The Chiefs come from the mighty West and are battle tested for this moment. Chiefs have too much talent. Chiefs win 42-17.


Delco Joe: Miami is coming into the playoffs at 15-1 and look to earn a name for themselves. What is a better way than to knock off the defending the Power Bowl champions. Chiefs emotions are running high after taking out the high powered Browns who thought they would walk all over the defending champions. I have to go with clock control in this one as the Chiefs haven’t exactly been an offensive juggernaut this year. Dolphins 20-17


TBD:  The Kansas City Chiefs have once again shown their championship heart. Upsetting the high flying Browns in a wild card game that left Browns owner Matt Montroy saying good job but under his breathe I heard quite a few words that suggested his feelings were a bit compressed. This week it’s all about Miami and KC now though and I don’t think it’s time for Jamie Winston to be winning any playoff games quite yet. I’m calling the upset Chiefs 24 Dolphins 10




Steelers @ Colts

Suge: Steelers walked into Denver and ran all over the Gronkless Broncos. This week they get a healthy Colts team who will try and take advantage of the Steelers cb injuries. The Colts will be ready and prepared trying to avoid a 1 and done for second straight year. My thoughts are Julio will have his way without DRC on the field. Colts win 31-28.


Delco Joe: Tough matchup to call here as the Steelers took out the Colts in week 12 to hand them their only loss this year. The tide has turned in this matchup though as the Steelers are now the team with more star players on the infirmary report. Steelers utilized their strong running attack last week but to be able to keep up with the colts they will have to air it out. Steelers 28-24


TBD: It’s not about how hard you fall. It’s about how you get up. Well after Steelers beat up secondary got absolutely destroyed by the Browns in week 17. They responded with a fury and bottled up the Broncos 2nd ranked offensive attack. This week the passing attack is just as fierce and the question is which Steelers team shows up? The big one that haunts Colts owner Stephen Long dreams or the one that can’t play defense?  My money is the Steel Curtain. Steelers 27 Colts 21


Cardinals @ Vikings

Suge: The Cardinals have had a great season but it comes to an end. I see the Vikings walking all over the Cardinals. No shame for the birds as the final 4 is a great feat but the Vikings play with the big boys. The Cardinals will need to control the clock and force Rivers into mistakes if they have a chance of winning.  If the Vikings offense dominates it will be a long day. Vikings 52-31.


Delco Joe:Cardinals showed the Hawks who the top bird was in the NFC west this week. Unfortunately for them they are taking on the 15-1 Vikings. The Vikings will be feasting on the Cardinals this week and will light up the scoreboard early and often. Cardinals will be wishing they still had the strong arm of Joe Flacco to air it out to Antonio Brown. Vikings 42-14


TBD: Oh boy was I wrong last week. I bet against the young Mariota getting it done and was wrong...Well half wrong anyway. The Cardinals defense held Matt Ryan to a 47 QB rating and the Seahawks run game finally hit a brick wall. 113 rushing yards seems nice but it came on 23 carries and 74 of the 113 yards were on one play.  Anyway, enough chatter it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Vikings 51 Cardinals 21


Cowboys @ Panthers

Suge: Some might remember this matchup from a few years ago with the miraculous tipped pass. The Cowboys are more motivated this season but we feel the Panthers are the best in the conference. The Boys offense and D are riding high after taking it to the Packers. The Panthers have been sitting at home waiting. Word is they cancelled practice all week and treated the team to Disney on Ice along with some Futbol action. I'm waiting for my Vikings Panthers matchup. My hunch is the Panthers will be too much for the Cowboys. Panthers 38-28.


Delco Joe: Cowboys will be stressed to defend the drag and slant routes of the Panthers. Cowboys put up a ton of points last week against the Packers who were just happy to be in the playoff dance. I see this being more of a methodical thinking man’s game and the team with clock advantage wins. Panthers 35-28



TBD: Cowboys Owner Bill Hoyt is as hot as a fireball right now. Between his revenge over the Green Bay Packers last week and let’s just say his love life is a bit sparky as well. Time will tell if this will be good or bad for the Cowboys.  On the flip side Panthers team is vacating in Orlando and acting just happy to be there.  I’d say that’s bad for business but this Panthers team is unique and makes plays when counts and just wins...But there winning ways fall short this week. Cowboys 42 panthers 28