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Commentary by: Front Office
Wild Card Weekend

Playoffs Wild Card

It's that time of year again where those who weren't trying can finally stop acting like they were and the real football can finally take place. The wildcard round brings us some new faces and old matchups. Your boy Suge has brought some of his people to break down the matchups.



Delco Joe: Everyone's favorite corner store bum that seems to know it all when it comes to picking a winner.


TBD: Tim “The Bus Driver” Lester: There is no heroic buse without a stud driver to navigate the roads. I may not get the fame but I’ve got the rings so I don’t care. Thank you for the special guest appearance.


Chiefs @ Browns

Suge:  What is it about those Chiefs. What will it take to keep them from the playoffs. The heart of a champion keeps fighting. Chiefs are a more talented team than the Browns. The Browns have been one of the best offenses and defenses all season. The Browns play down the field. The Chiefs are a great run stopping team but are vulnerable to passers who can read the coverage well. This is exactly the Browns. That being said historically the Chiefs have won the meetings versus the Browns. I think this is where the magic ends and the Browns move onto the Colts. Browns win 38-30.


Delco Joe: You know what, they say the best defense is a good offense. These Browns sure know how to score and fast. The Chiefs are in over their head for this matchup and expect this this one to be over early before it gets ugly like Suges mama. Browns 42-21


TBD: How do you bet against the defending super bowl champions? You have him play the best offense in the NML..who’s actually has a just as good if not better defense. The only shot Chief’s have to make Cleveland play their football and slllllloooooooowwwww that game way down.  Browns 34 Chiefs 14

Packers @ Cowboys
Suge: The Packers came up big when they needed to with a win vs the Lions to make the playoffs. The Cowboys are at home and should pull out the win. The Pack have the season edge in head to head matchups. The Cowboys have been here before and this is the Packers first time. Playoff seasoning means a bunch in the big pressure game. I'm going with the Cowboys 17-16.


Delco Joe: This is a redemption game as the Cowboys took a BIG loss to the Packers earlier this season. It was a known fact that Cowboys GM/Owner Hoyt was most likely looking past that initial matchup. The Packers are just happy they sniffed the playoffs after knocking off the Lions in week 17. This will be over before it even starts. Cowboys 45-14


TBD:  Is this Big Ben’s swain song as rumor has it he’s contempting retirement?  Either way, he’s not retiring before this game so here come the Cowboys. Big Ben leads the #3 ranked passing offense vs a surprising good Packers passing defense.  In the end I feel Big Ben throws for more TD’s then the Packers can match..especially without star in the making Derek Carr.

Steelers @ Broncos
Suge: This is a rematch of last year's divisional round where the Broncos defeated the Steelers for a second time in one season. Well new season brings new results, right? The Broncos started the week wondering who was going to start with Brady, Baldwin, Searcy, and Gronk out. It was thought that the Broncos would be an easy one and done now. Not so fast my friends. Word is the Doctors cleared Brady, Searcy, and Baldwin this week in the win or go home round. The Steelers were caught sneaking into the Broncos film room just the other day. In the end none of it matters. The Steelers will be missing two key cb and the go to Wr in Evans. Both teams are loaded with talent and on any given day the other could win. I've got the Broncos based on home field advantage and the return of Brady will pump up the crowd too much. Broncos win 27-24.


Delco Joe: This matchup was not supposed to be close but somehow 39 year old Tom Brady miraculously is returning two weeks earlier than expected cough HGH cough. Maybe these Steelers should contact Charlie Sly and his buddies at Al Jazeera to find out the real scoop. Lets see if there is any rust on that bionic arm of Brady and if he can force a one and done with the Steelers. On the other hand, the Steelers are a well oiled machine and have everyone on their team healthy. You could go either way in this matchup and it will really depend on who makes the least amount of mistakes. Steelers 38-35


TBD: The Steelers offense has some nice stats but my analytical teams says stats lie and the Steelers defense isn’t so scary this week...add in a loss of their #1 and #3 cb’s who play shutdown football and I don’t see the Steelers making it out alive vs the Broncos for a second straight year. On the Broncos side I don’t see their run game going for much.  However, when you have Tom Brady it doesn’t matter. The Broncos will be back and the Steelers will crying.. Broncos 31- Steelers 17

Cardinals @ Seahawks
Suge: The West produced two teams this year which is a step in the right direction. This year there will also be a West team that will win a playoff game. The Cards have a little more experience but the Hawks had the better year. This is a coin flip for me. With the Cards youth at the most important position and being on the road will tilt the scales in favor of the Hawks. Hawks 23-20.


Delco Joe: These two teams matched up a few weeks back and the Cards took out the division champ. This week look for the Hawks to establish a ground and pound attack and have the Cardinals on their heels looking for answers only to have Mr. fumbles himself Mariota give the game away. Going Seahawks here 35-28


TBD: If Joe Flacco was leading the offense I’d be in favor of the Cardinals pulling a spoiler role and advancing.  However, Joe Flacco isn’t walking out of the tunnel and young qb Marcus Marriota is still to overwhelmed with the new offense to do enough. Seahawks win ugly 17-7