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Commentary by: Ned
If the playoffs were tomorrow

If the playoffs were tomorrow……


AFC Playoff picture-


1st seed Miami Dolphins-X 13-1  vs 1st rd BYE

2nd seed Indy Colts-Y 11-1-1 vs 1st rd  BYE


3rd seed Pittsburgh Steelers 12-2 vs 6th seed Buffalo Bills 9-4

4th seed Denver Broncos 10-2-1 vs 5th seed Cleveland Browns 11-2


On the hunt-


Kansas City Chiefs 8-5

Oakland Raiders 7-6


NFC Playoff Picture


1st seed Minnesota Vikings - Y 13-0 vs 1st rd BYE

2nd seed Carolina Panthers-Y 10-3 vs 1st rd bye


3rd seed Seattle Seahawks-X 9-3 vs Detroit Lions 7-6  

4th seed Dallas Cowboys-Y 10-4 vs 8-5 Arizona Cardinals


On the hunt-


Green Bay Packers- 6-7

New Orleans Saints 6-7

Los Angeles Rams 6-7


Key remaining matchups to watch out for:


Week 15


Browns @ Bills

Colts @ Vikings

Packers @ Bears

Rams @ Seahawks

Saints @ Cardinals


Week 16


Lions @ Cowboys

Broncos @ Chiefs

Cardinals @ Seahawks

Colts @ Raiders

Vikings @ Packers

Dolphins @ Bills  


Week 17


Panthers @ Bucs

Packers @ Lions

Jaguars @ Colts

Browns @ Steelers

Raiders @ Broncos

Cardinals @ Rams


Analyst take on each team's chances



Suge - Dolphins are arguably in the easiest division. Can't hate the schedule put in front of them as they have won the games and should secure a number 1 seed.


2) Colts

Suge - I don't see the colts losing the number two seed. This team is too talented and seasoned. If Miami slips up the Colts would be happy to take the number 1 seed again.


3) Steelers

Suge - The Steelers make the playoffs but I say they hold onto the division and 3 spot. At worst they finish at the 5 spot but that home field could make a huge difference in the playoffs.


4) Broncos

Suge - The Broncos seemed to have cost themselves when it comes to the home field. They are in the playoffs but do not control their own destiny as far as moving up the seed ladder. Right now looking at a big playoff clash versus the Browns who destroyed the Broncos last year.


5) Browns

Suge - The Browns are locked in the playoffs and could move up to the 3-4 seeds. The Browns have the best D in the NML and will be a tough out but I'm sure they would like some home games.


6) Bills

Suge - The Bills are in freefall status. The schedule had gotten tough and they have not responded well. They still control their own destiny by winning out. If KC wins out they make the playoffs, not the Bills.


7) Chiefs

Suge - You can't kill the heart of a Champion. This team seems to never die no matter the odds. They must beat the Broncos and win out to make the playoffs but the Bills have set the table for the Chiefs to make the playoffs.


8) Raiders

Suge - The Raiders loss to the Chiefs ended their season. They may still have a chance but I don't see it happening. They must win out and need help.



Suge - Vikings are locked in at number 1 and must balance staying undefeated vs resting players. In past years they have rested players.


2) Panthers

Suge - Panthers seemed to be a lock for the 1-2 seed once their rival conceded the season. Hopefully, they find their passion in time for the playoffs. The team fits the owners playing style better than any team in the league.


3) Seahawks

Suge - This is a surprise especially being ahead of the Cowboys. The Hawks have had a great season but are they ready for the playoffs.  The experience will be valuable, though. I could see them dropping to the 4 spot.


4) Cowboys

Suge - The Boys looked to be a top seed all season. Maybe the lack of competition in the division hurt them. I look for them to battle the Vikings.


5) Cardinals

Suge - The Cards to make it as a wild card is a good season. Normally the West only brings one team to the playoffs for a 1 and done experience. I see them making the playoffs.


6) Lions

Suge - The long awaited return is happening this season. The team seems to be motivated to make it. Has made moves with playoffs in mind. I don't see them letting the Pack over take them. I do hope it comes down to the last week.


7) Packers

Suge - The Pack is capable of beating anyone. Also losing to anyone. I think this comes down to the final week of the season. I just don't see the Pack winning that final game.


8) Saints

Suge - This team is a long shot but a positive for an organization that had the number one pick. They are moving in the right direction but need some help to make it.


9) Rams

Suge - Rams are the longest of shots. To have 3 West teams with a chance at the playoffs is a step in the right direction for the division.