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Commentary by: Anonymous
NML Highlight Reel: EP 2

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Silky Johnson here back at it with the NML's 2nd highlight reel. You guys didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you? In this episode we will have some Panther-Cardinal Highlights, as well as some Lions-Texans clips (bloopers included). Lets start with the Lions-Texans game shall we?
Here we have a beautiful long connection from DangeRUSS Wilson to Odell Beckham, followed by Adrian Peterson's first TD in his reunion with the Lions. I have to wonder what was the defensive coordinator of Houston thinking of calling Quarter formation on the goal line?
Now, im a huuuge fan of big hard poundings! This video is one of my favorites, I think Stewart just ate some popcorn, because he just couldn't hold onto the football.
Down by two scores, the Texans offense tries to close the gap just before halftime, however Janoris Jenkins had other plans...
Tsk, Tsk...Now I'm not a football genius, but I know you're taking a huge gamble pressing Demarius Thomas with no safety help over the top. 
Ok ok ok, let me diagnose this, so the Texans throw to the drag receiver, tipped it, into Amukamaras hands, then he dropped it...and the NML referees ruled it as a fumble...Folks, that looked like an incomplete pass to me. Good thing the NML referees only work for pork rinds and viagara. the Texans could have had a good play here...IF the WR made the catch, but then the ball was tipped a dozen or so times, and landed in a DB's belly, and was tipped a few more times, and just rolled onto the grass. If Commissioner Ron Edele wants to win another powerbowl in this millenium, he really needs his secondary to make these plays, I mean i think Ron Jeremy could have made this interception...
Another loss for the Cardinals, they came into this game expecting a dog fight, but this game was a little out of hand. The Panthers easily won this game by 3 TDs. However, the Cards mostly held the Panthers air attack in check for most of the game, and only took over in the 2nd half. Lets start with some Panther Highlights.
Ok, so owner Keith Geyer was seen screaming at his defensive coordinator after this play, but watch carefully...Hopkins stepped out at the 7 yard line, and the refs made the right call for once and overturned the Touchdown.
The Cardinals just couldn't match up against the bigger, more physical receiver in DeAndre Hopkins, he makes this touchdown look easy, maybe in a few years when the Arizona secondary matures, this could go the other way.
The only Touchdown from the Cardinals last night, came on a bomb to AR-15 against single coverage. It seems the WRs for Arizona are really dependant on Flaccos strong right arm.
Something you don't see everyday, a Cardinals defensive play. Landon Collins was able to jump the route and end the drive. Arizona is really excited about this kid. At only 22 years old, he looks to be the defensive leader of this backfield for another decade.