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Commentary by: Anonymous
NML Highlight Reel EP:1

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Silky Johnson here for his first take as a reporter. I decided to change career fields, as the porn industry isn't what it used to be, and the NML seems like the kinda group I like. I will establish a highlight reel of the Cardinals Jets game. Even though the Cardinals won the game 43-16, the game was a chess match. The Jets, whom many believed could have had this game within reach if it wasn't for a few tough breaks, really showed the Cardinals different looks and ways to feed their receivers. 

The first highlight was Allen Robinson proving his doubters wrong...He still is a force to be reckoned with opposite Antonio Brown, as he takes a bomb 80 yards to paydirt. Reports from other news outlets has stated that the owner began throwing papers and coffee around in the owners box after this play.

The second highlight was Chris Hogan of the Jets, answering right back with a long TD of his own. To this day, the Cardinals still don't know how he was able to catch this ball. They really need to work on their secondary in the off season.

The next highlight was Business Boomin' as usual with Antonio Brown scoring 1 of his 2 TDs of the day. The defense left AB wide open, he is probably the most important man to cover in the NML, you cannot leave a defender more than 1 foot away let alone 15 yards.

The final highlight of the game was Mackensie Alexander returning a botched fake xp try for 2 points. Forget they added that rule? Yeah me too, it's just something you don't see every game.
Make sure to let me know if you'd like your own videos added to the highlight reel, I really need some more teams to report on. Next week we look forward to some Cardinal and Seahawks highlights, til then...this has been Silky Johnson reporting.