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Commentary by: Front Office
This or That in the National Madden League: Edition 2

This or That in the National Madden League: Edition 2





Texans @ Patriots This Texans team is one of those; let’s trade our halfback with a 5 ypc average for the guy averaging 1.6 ypc!  I’m didn’t understand this trade at all until I saw the full offer. High fives slapping around New England like it was draft day.


Cardinals @ Bills  This Cardinals team must of taken a coaching clinic from Chip Kelly. Do they know how to run the ball and stay on the field? You can’t have your defense on the field for double the snaps as your offense.  Especially to that Bills squad that likes to run the ball down your throat 5 yards per carry at a time.


Raiders @ Titans This Raiders team leads the league in Interceptions...sure helps your cause when you play that Titans squad.


Redskins @ Giants This Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is a bit feisty. Heard him screaming “You like that” as he ran to the locker room. That Giants squad deserves some credit for hanging tough with their big squeeze AP out a few more weeks.


Browns @ Dolphins This Dolphins team just increased it NML street cred after beating the pass happy Cleveland Browns. That rookie Ezekiel Elliott kid the real deal or was he just drafted to carry Demarco Murray’s jock strap?


Ravens @ Jaguars- This Jaguars vs Ravens game was a real barn burner. However somebody has to win (unless you are the Colts/Broncos cough cough) and The Jags kicked things into overdrive in the 4th to prevent a tie.


Lions @ Packers This Lions team needs to practice. Quit talking about it and do it! That Packers team though is looking to show they are improved over last year.


Broncos @ Bengals This Broncos squad has a superstar in the making at HB.  David Johnson’s engine is revving hard but still seems stuck in neutral. This Bengals team may of just won their super bowl for the year though as they beat the Broncos and played perfect football. .  


Vikings @ Panthers This matchup could be a NFC Championship preview. However, That Vikings team ran away with the game in the 2nd quarter.  I’d expect a rematch to be a lot closer if it happens in the playoffs though. .


Rams @ Buccaneers This Rams team is red hot. That Bucs team isn’t and proved this week. They still stink. Rumor is GM Jon Vantrease is refusing to modify his defense to something that actually works.


49ers @ Seahawks This Seahawks Quarterback Matt Ryan wanted to prove that he’s still king and did that. That 49er’s Offensive coordinator role is open though I heard after this brutally slow start.  


Jets @ Chiefs This Chiefs team enjoy basically a tune up as the real game is next week vs the Pittsburgh Steelers. That Jets was all confused at what to do as the Chiefs were balanced and their defense was locked in. That poor Jets qb was hit all night (5 sacks) and couldn’t provide 200 yards of offense.


Chargers @ Colts- This Chargers team has a new toy in Alshon Jeffery, however the real story is a rumor on the street at the Chargers were quite tired of the Colts “bombs away” tactics well into the 4th with the game out to hand.  I’d think it’s safe to say no trades between these two teams will be done anytime soon.


Steelers @ Eagles- Reincarnationist love the Steelers.  Why? You wonder? Well it’s because many lifetimes ago there was a story about a defense that was so tough to penetrate. It was called the the Steel Curtain.  The 2016-2017 Steelers are reincarnationist best evidence that their is some truth to their crazy believes. The Steelers curtained the Jets to under 100 yards of offense.


Bears @ Cowboys What the %^$& happened in Chicago? The Cowboys just narrowly escaped their first defeat on the season and the Bears played absolutely great football. Too bad it wasn’t quite enough as the Bears were just short of pulling off a massive upset.


Falcons @ Saints  Are both teams really this good?  Well, we don’t know but we do know that the Saints are the better of these two possible Cinderella teams.