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Commentary by: Front Office
Antonio Brown - Shake 'n Bake

There were certainly many highlights in Arizona's 41-16 win over the Los Angeles Rams, however one stands out in the minds of Cardinal Fans and NML fans alike. It was a simple short yardage pass, only meant to get the offense closer to the marker for a 3rd down try. On the play, Antonio Brown aka "Sticky Bun", put the entire Rams defense into spin cycle. The play is being called the Immaculate Shake, and is already in talk as being the best play of the season thus far.
We were able to get in touch with AB after the game:
Beans: Mr. Brown, where did you learn to do that? And will we be seeing more of these moves?!
Brown: Of course I learned that from Dancing With The Stars. Aint nothing to a boss. You can expect the same thing every game from here on out.
Beans: Was that play in the gameplan all week?
Brown: Actually not, our goal was the match Robinson against the short Ram cornerbacks, and get Woodhead catchin passes against the heavy linebackers, however they started to key on him more and Woodhead was complaining of a hangnail. 
Beans: Well it looks like it paid off. Antonio, we couldn't help but noticed your number changed from 88 to 1. Why is that?
Brown: Cuz I'm number 1 baby. Bosstime, aint no one that can cover me. Aint no defense that can cover me. Hey Beans, I'll catch ya later, I gotta go sign some autographs.
Beans: Well there you have it fans. We can expect more of these shifty moves in future games!