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Commentary by: Front Office
This or That in the NML- Edition 1- Week 2

This or That in the National Madden League: Edition 1




Week 2


Jets vs Bills- This 2016 Bills team is back to their winning way but happened to the pound the ball love affair of 2015?


49ers vs Panthers- That Matt Forte of the 49ers has 13 carries for 14 yards in two games. Is it the end of a his great career?


Cowboys vs Redskins- This Dez Bryant guy that the Cowboys love so much is pretty good. First game back with his hometown team and he accounted for 54% of his teams receiving yards. Double team that guy maybe next time, Redskins?  


Bengals vs Steelers- That new and expensive cb Jason Verrett wasted no time making an impact as he had two interceptions in his Steeler debut.


Saints 33 vs Giants 20- THIS SAINTS team is 2-0!


Dolphins vs Patriots That 2015 #1 pick Jameis Winston showed 2016 #3 pick Carson Wentz that he has a long ways to go still as he tripled his quarterback rating.


Chiefs 30 vs Texans 27 This is true, folks. Turnovers lose games. Just ask the Texans.


Titans vs Lions That Titan’s coaching staff just proved that no matter who their quarterback is. It’s interception time! I hope moving Carson Wentz wasn’t a mistake.


Ravens vs Browns This Browns team likes to throw the rock. That Ravens team doesn't like to play defense. Long day in Cleveland for the Ravens.


Seahawks vs Rams That 2015 1st rd pick Melvin Gordon feels the heat and went wild over the Seahawks.


Bucs vs Cardinals This game featured 92 points and a somehow both teams still combined for 9 punts. How was that possible?


Jaguars vs Chargers That Chargers team had more yards Punting (177) then of total offense (166).


Falcons vs Raiders This Raiders squad had a turnover ratio of -3 and still pulled off the win (largely due to a 21-6 second half rally).


Colts vs Broncos That future NML Hall of Famer Donovan McNabb can rest easy tonight. Finally somebody else will be teased for “McNabbing” it at the end of overtime.  


Packers vs Vikings  This Vikings squad ate so much cheese this week their bellies darn near burst. That Panther meat is a lot more tough they will soon find out.


Eagles vs Bears   That position called quarterback is pretty important. Just ask the bears as they learned the hard way after dealing Drew Brees.  Next time they probably will handle that situation a bit better.  This Eagles defense didn’t mind and enjoyed dominating and registering 6 interceptions.