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Commentary by: Front Office
Steelers Trade Superstar Dez Bryant for who?

Steelers Trade Superstar Dez Bryant to Cowboys!


This  is Ed Boucheddy aka your buddy releasing an exclusive interview with not only Steelers owner Scott Bramhall but I’ve also Cowboy’s owner Bill Hoyt.


To start things off can I just ask what the $%^() just happened tonight?


SB- Well Bill blew up my phone a couple of weeks ago asking about Dez Bryant’s availability and threw out a few ideas but nothing interested me. If you wanted our ear on Dez talks. We really felt there was only one thing our team was lacking enough that we’d listen. We wanted a cornerback and requested Verrett or Peters to be involved.  Bill thought he’d be ok without one of those two but had a hard time letting go. All discussions went cold as a winter night after a few hours.


Ed: So tell me Bill. What happened after that?


BH: (silence)  


Ed: Bill, can you hear me? Why in the %^&) did you acquire another WR after putting up like 400 yards last week? Why was this so important?


BH: (silence)


Ed: I don't know if Bill is trying to get you to say more by pretending to not be here or what but tell me, Scott. Did you move Dez because he’s a drama king who attended meetings only when he felt like attending?


SB-  No, that is not true. Look I don’t have a tracker of missed/made meetings with Dez and our staff. This isn’t an hourly job at AT&T. This a big boys league and you show up and ball out or you get shipped out of town...


Ed: So, it’s true because you just shipped Dez out of town due to performance!


SB- Um, well, um, you know that’s a bit out of context. We were not actively trying to move Dez but he did have two drops on two targets on Monday. Look, earlier in that same day we offered one of our other starting WR’s and a 1st for a different CB. We really liked the guy but nothing ever developed. We were told quite promptly no thanks, no thanks, and he’s not going anywhere, sorry sir type of rejection. It takes two to tango and the other party left us before we could even get to the dance floor so we gave up.  


ED: That is true. Going back to you Bill. Why did you make such a move to acquire Dez again?  You previously had him in Dallas and shouted from the rooftops how you’d never trade him. Rumor has it your man crush is so bad. On your ceiling at home is a poster of Dez? Is that true?


BH: (silence)


ED: Scott- thank for your time this evening and wish you the best of luck this season. Feel free to leave any final words on your way out.


SB- To Dez, I want to say thank you for your contribution and wish you the best this season as long as we aren’t playing against you.


Typical Cowboys, Commit and don’t show up. This right here was why I made sure to process our trade before I bothered to post officially for the league. The Cowboys owner Bill Hoyt is as flaky as a bowl of frustrated flakes. I look forward to seeing him on week 10, Hoyt..Unless you forget to show up.  


BH: (silence)


Editor's note: Cowboys owners Bill Hoyt agreed to be a part of this interview earlier this week. After two days of no shows and little communication, we let his silence speak for itself and moved on with what we had.