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Commentary by: Front Office
Wild Week 1 for Pats

The past couple of weeks the New England Patriots GM Jordan Belfort and the Tennessee Titans GM have been in discussions regarding the availability of Carson Wentz. The Pats understand that it is difficult to win in this league without a top notch signal caller and feel that they either need to trade for a young star or draft an up and comer within the 2017 draft.  Initially the Titans were hesitant to trade their future signal caller but then came to their senses when they knew they could net draft choices and proven talent to assist right now.  Their first offer coming out of the gates was atrocious and the Pats Chief Negotiator Donnie Azoff let everyone in the New England Patriots organization know how he felt about the offer by printing it out, throwing it in the trash can and pissing on it:
There were several rounds of going back and forth with the two GMs and at one point it has been rumored that Jordan Belfort threatened to kneecap the Titans GM if an agreement wasn’t made. Eventually both sides came to an agreement with the Pats sending the Titans the following haul for the young Gingy Wentz:
1st round pick 2017 via Bears
3rd round pick 2017 via Texans
4th round pick 2017 via Broncos
Vontaze Burfict LB
TJ Ward S
Robert Griffin 3 QB
This trade materialized right before the Pats faced off against the Cardinals and forced the Pats to start Brandon Weeden Who? at QB. This forced the Pats to place the majority of the offensive load on their workhorse Eddie Lacy who stepped up for the occasion and ran for over 140 yards on 20 carries. The Pats wound up losing the game to the Cardinals 21-12, simply to lack of execution and a weak right leg of their kicker Josh Brown (who was immediately cut after the matchup for missing 35 yard FG due to lack of leg strength).  The Pats won every aspect of the game, turnovers, yards gained, time of possession but at the end of the day, just couldn’t