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Commentary by: Eugene Puddlebutts
Eugene's Prospect watch - Version 2


It’s Eugene, week 2 Prospect Watch is here!


Well 2 Weeks of College Football in the Books!  Big things Happening early, Alabama making USC look like a high school team, Houston shocking #3 Oklahoma, and The LongHorns Last second dive for the win.  Excitement everywhere!  But all we care about NML Family is if there are any movers and shakers when it comes to prospects.

  1. Deshaun Watson- QB-Clemson

  2. Myles Garrett- EDGE/DE- Texas A&M +++

Showing that he may be best in the country, 3 tackles and 1 sack stat line meant nothing to how much attention he was getting vs. UCLA. On top of it he was going head to head against Conor McDermott, another guy who is on a few teams list for top OT prospect.

  1. Brad Kaaya- QB- Miami

  2. Desmond King- CB-Iowa

  3. Jalen Tabor- CB- Florida

  4. Ju Ju Smith-Schuster- WR- USC- ---

Didn’t move down on talent, moved down because of the scuffle that he had at USC practice this week.  Is this the start of a Diva WR mentality or is it a WR fired up because he got shalacked by Alabama so he let some steam off.  Either way, he needs to keep his head.

  1. Malik McDowell- DL- Michigan State - +++New Entry

McDowell Proved to be a game changer week 1 vs. Furman, At 6’6” 276, Coach Mark Dantonio has moved him up and down the line.  He can play all Techniques, and get him with  NML Strength trainers, the sky's the limit.  I see guys like Mo Wilkerson, or Calais Campbell in his future.

  1. Leonard Fournette-RB- LSU-  ---

He is still an amazing talent, but NML teams never like to see a player, who has already quite a few carries early in his career, show wear and tear.  He was slated to miss his upcoming game vs Jacksonville St.

  1. Tim Williams- DE/EDGE- Alabama

  2. Jamal Adams- S- LSU

Fell Out- Roderick Johnson- LT- Florida State-7- Again Not dropping because of talent, but we had to make room for McDowell, if there was an 11 he would be it.


Sleeper of the Week-  James Conner- RB- Pittsburgh

I know, I am a sucker for feel good stories, but this guy is hyper talented, and had he not lost a year we may be talking about him being a 1st round pick, Maybe the first RB off the board.  I love his size, dedication and toughness.  Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, he missed all but 1 game last year, and prior to last year he was ACC player of the year and was a 1st team all-american.   This dude is a 6’2” 240lbs bruising machine in the mold of Chris Ivory or Derrick Henry.  He will probably go around the 4th/5th round, but i could see him starting in the NML within 3 years, maybe sooner.