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Commentary by: Front Office
Battles in the Desert

Beans here with another exhillerating training camp story. It wasn't until the 2nd half of the camp before we could delve deep into the Arizona Cardinals position battles. As always, the battles are fierce as they are vital. These key position battles will look to alter the Cardinals post season aspirations and make them power bowl contenders in the years to come. So lets start shall we?!
Battle #1 DT
Javon Hargrave (R)                                                             VS                                    Bennie Logan
Image result for javon hargrave                                          Image result for bennie logan
Blockshed: 7/10 Blockshed: 8/10
Quickness off snap: 9/10 Quickness off snap: 8/10
Ball Carrier Pursuit: 8/10 Ball Carrier Pursuit: 8.5/10
Tackling: 7/10 Tackling: 8/10
Awareness: 8/10 Awareness: 8/10
Conclusion: The Cardinals coaching staff are very pleased with the continued dominance of Bennie Logan, and the emergence of barely known rookie Javon Hargrave. In the end you can be faster, stronger, and bigger, but a rookie is still a rookie. This decision will be one of the most difficult to make, however I forsee Hargrave learning on the bench this year.
Winner: Logan
Battle #2 CB
Mackensie Alexander (R)                                                                 VS                                            Dre Kirkpatrick
    Image result for mackensie alexander vikingsImage result for dre kirkpatrick
Speed: 8/10 Speed: 8/10
Man Cvg: 9/10 Man Cvg:8/10
Zone Cvg:7/10 Zone Cvg:9/10
Tackling: 8/10 Tackling: 8/10
Awareness:9/10 Awareness:8/10
Conclusion: Although both of these corners are still new to the NML, Kirkpatrick has been in the Cardinals zone defense and is a better fit, however, you cannot look past Alexander's quickness and man coverage ability. There will be opponents in the Cardinals schedule where a zone defense will not fool the opposition. I fully expect both of these players to see equal time on the field, until one can separate themselves further.
Winner: Stalemate
Battle #3 TE
Erik Swoope                                                                                VS                                                   Craig Stevens
Image result for erik swoopeImage result for craig stevens nfl
Route Running: 7/10 Route Running: 5/10
Catching: 7/10 Catching: 6/10
Blocking: 5/10 Blocking: 8/10
Awareness: 7/10 Awareness: 7/10
Speed: 8/10 Speed: 6/10
Conclusion: This is not a training camp story you have heard before. The Cardinals are famous for their hatred of TE's. Owner and GM Keith Geyer: "I don't like using TE's, they are slower and fatter." However I am writing this training camp battle because of the emergence of Erik Swoope. Here we have a kid who played basketball his whole life, he was stashed on the Cardinals roster as trade bait. Swoope has proven himself a weapon on offense and looks like he could enter the season as a viable passing option. The red birds will look to air it out even more than last year, therefore I'd have to tip the scales in Swoopes favor here. He is younger, more athletic and can really give Flacco another weapon behind Brown, Robinson, and Randle. Look for Stevens to come in on short yardage run plays. Or maybe the Cardinals won't have a TE on the field at all this season, who knows.
Winner: Swoope